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      Available 12 - 2.30pm 

        (Closed Wednesdays)


V Our Homemade Ever-changing Soup; with our breads please ask £10.25     


Our Ham Hock Terrine; piccalilli puree, pickled shallots, 

loafley sourdour £13.95


Crispy Squid; chilli jam & pineapple salsa £11.95


Homemade Fresh Smoked Mackerel Pate; granny smith apple, horseradish, loafley sourdough  £14.95


V Wild Mushroom Croquette; mushroom ‘ketchup’, pecorino & truffle £12.95 or with vegan smoked cheddar £12.95


Moules Frites; fresh mussels, traditionally marinere, with our house fries £14.95


Plantagenet House 6oz Hamburger; chargrilled pure beef patty in a brioche bun, lettuce, onion and tomato, homemade burger sauce, our house fries £15.95

with cheese £17.95


Welsh Lamb Burger; in a brioche bun with lettuce, onion, tomato, fresh mint & lime yogurt, with house fries  £16.95


Fresh Local Crab Sandwich; in local wholemeal bread £14.95


‘Skipper Roll’; fresh crispy sea bass in a rustic brioche loaf, homemade ‘chunky’ tartare sauce  £16.50


Classic Caesar Salad; chicken, bacon & anchovies, fresh baby gem lettuce, homemade caesar dressing & croutons  £14.95


Sicilian Salad; fresh rocket salad with fennel, capers, orange, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes and breaded squid  £13.95 V or with feta instead  £13.95


The Plantagenet real ale battered cod; triple cooked chips with homemade ‘chunky’ tartare sauce, pea purée & lemon  £17.95


8oz Welsh sirloin steak; char-grilled, field mushroom, grilled tomatoes, rocket & our ‘jenga’ chips  £26.95




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