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The Plantagenet Prize Quiz 

Answer the questions & you could WIN a Limited-Edition Print

















email your answers by clicking on the email link below...

One lucky winner will be drawn at random each month... Good Luck! 

Q1. Approximately how tall is our Flemish Chimney?  

Q2. What is the historic building next to the restaurant? 

Q3. Before it became a restaurant what did it trade as? 

Q4. How many years has the restaurant been trading? 

Q5. In what year was the original of the print you can win painted? 

Q6. What animal is depicted on the sign outside the restaurant? 

Q7. What is the name of the boy on our children's menu? 

Q8. What is the bar in the Quay Room constructed from? 

Q9. How much is our Vegan Moroccan Tagine? 

Q10. How many dishes are showcased on our Food Gallery? 



If you need any help with the quiz... please don’t hesitate

to ask a member of staff 

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