V    Homemade Soup; Ever-changing, Our Homebaked breads or gluten free roll. £7.75 


Bresaola; with Rocket, Fresh Parmesan shavings, truffle oil £11.95

Vegan  Portobello Mushroom; stuffed with Chick peas, Raisins, Capers & Walnuts ; oven baked £8.95

Our Homemade Chicken Liver & Madeira Parfait; 
Fig & grape ‘Chutney’ ; Melba toast. £8.75

Vegan   Bruschetta; topped with aubergine purée; chilli hummus £8.95

Our Prime Fillet Steak ‘Stroganoff’;  with mushrooms, 
Dijon mustard & cream sauce. £10.95


Garlic loaf £7.95 Plantagenet Side Salad £9.25